Motivation is our fuel on our life path

In this article I would like to gather inspirational videos that can help us to stay motivated during our projects and more importantly during our lives. As a developer I faced a frustration and demotivation really often during my work and not only and I am sure that most of you did as well. That is why we need to develop resistance to frustration and videos as for me are a good tool to do this apart of other things like physical exercises, spending time on nature with family, mediation and so on.

I hope the list will be useful for you and if you found something that is worth sharing please send it to me to be published in this article.

The only thing that I want to emphasize: please be thoughtful to yourself probably your goal is not to achieve goals no matter what, but to grow, to develop yourself, to live your life fully and deeply, to be healthy and happy, so just keep in mind this the most crucial things in our life during your journey.

Oprah Winfrey’s speech for graduates

This video is full of positive energy

No excuses video

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rules of success

  • Have the vision, the goal that guides you
  • Don’t listen to the no sayers (Everything is always impossible until someone does it)
  • Work your ass off and advertise (let people know about your hard work and results)
  • Don’t be afraid of failing and always get up
  • Help others

Start each day with the task completed